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The Gift + Curse…


My website is a virtual space where I share my spiritual and paranormal experiences with my spirit guide/twin flame, Hans. The process of writing and artmaking help to not only ground my paranormal experiences but also allow me to inter-dimensionally travel via the altered states of consciousness reached during the creative process. This experience is likened to shamanic journeying or having an out-of-body experience (OBE) in that it allows me to enter trance states that help me access these other worlds. Thanks to Hans's psychic re/training, and to his actively vibrant presence, my life is forever altered. But having these spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) with him are not without challenge. Sometimes, there is darkness and even crisis. One of the areas that I creatively examine with Hans's guidance is the shadow and trauma of our past lives in Germany...



Both creativity and spirituality enable us to transcend the limitations of physical reality. By shifting our perceptions, we can tune into our intuition—that inner-knowing aspect of ourselves that connects us to the spirit world. True exploration begins from this altered state.


The synergy between synchronicity and creativity lies in its ability to jolt a person into a state of awareness, allowing for new ideas and experiences to generate.


Visual Diary

My blog (i.e., my virtual visual diary) offers personal accounts and reflections that address creativity, spirituality, dreams, spirit channeling, after-death communication (ADC), and paranormal/anomalous experiences. I also intersperse songs and videos in my blog posts since they are powerful vehicles in promoting altered states of consciousness. Finally, since poetry offers an expressive form of release and processing to my numinous experiences with Hans and other anomalous experiences (AEs), I sprinkle some of them throughout the blog.


Creating art while channeling Hans is not only a spiritual experience, but after completing the artwork and evaluating it, I begin to digest myriad symbols and meanings that further elevate my connection to him.



My artwork is part reflective, part spirit channeling. Through dreams and spirit-inspired landscapes, I explore the shadowlands of my multi-dimensional experiences with apparitions. By giving into the flow of creativity, I open up to higher states of consciousness that carry me to otherworldly realms, slightly lifting the veil and allowing me to connect with beings that persist beyond the five senses. I delve into these ethereal realms in search of creative and spiritual expansion.

through uncanny messages and synchronicities, Hans has shown me pieces of his most recent life. This subtle form of communication, like all other forms of communication between us, transcends space and time, linking our connection to the past, present, and future—enabling us to engage in a kind of quantum interaction.


Etsy Shop

My Etsy shop, Dreams + Shadowlands, features a variety of handmade offerings––from mobiles, talismans, wands, and witch bells to jewelry, bookmarks, pendulums and artwork.


Regardless of how unusual the artwork, or how remote it may appear from our perceived reality, our understanding and involvement with the artmaking process help us connect its meaning back to our world.


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